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Treatment includes cataract surgery, which consists of replacing the lens with an artificial, clear lens.Â. At Crystal Vision Center, we strive to provide comprehensive eye care for the entire family. Patient Portal. Become a new patient or schedule an appointment by contacting our office by phone. Pinkeye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost transparent covering of the white of the eye and the inside of the eyelids) in the eye. All rights reserved. Pinkeye. The National Resource Center for Vision and Eye Health is hosted by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) as part of a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vision Health Initiative (VHI). Astigmatism is a common and treatable eye problem that causes blurry or distorted vision. Superior rectus: main movement is elevation (upward), Inferior rectus: main movement is depression (downward), Medial rectus: main movement is adduction (inward), Lateral rectus: main movement is abduction (outward), Superior oblique: actions are depression, abduction, and medial (inward) rotation, Inferior oblique: actions are elevation, abduction, and lateral (outward) rotation, Intermittent: sometimes the eye turns and sometimes it doesn’t, Alternating: one eye turns sometimes, and the other eye turns sometimes. 8,322 Eye Eye Vision Center jobs available on Indeed.com. People with poor contrast sensitivity tend to have difficulties driving at night or in harsh weather conditions, such as fog, rain, and snow. Blepharitis is a condition that causes your eyelids to become inflamed and often leads to dandruff-like scales and debris at the base of the eyelashes. If you are suffering from digital eye strain, double vision, or getting headaches from your reading glasses, you should get an eye exam and see if you need prescription glasses. Unlike a stye, a chalazion is a painless bump that develops in the oil gland of your eyelid. Congratulations! #gallery-2 .gallery-item { Surgery is necessary to cure this condition. Eye Health Vision Centers is proud to serve five communities and their surrounding areas in the South Coast region of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. } We use the latest technology to care for your eye health and provide high definition vision correction to improve your quality of life. The cause of surfer’s eye is unknown, but most research points to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun as the main factor, especially if you are around water often. Our vision practice offers several convenient locations throughout the Greater South Coast, MA area. The result is the art of personal and precise eye care. There are a variety of treatment options available for dry eye syndrome, including lubricating drops, supplements, and heat compresses, among others. Our experienced team of eye care professionals offers comprehensive eye exams, quality lenses and frames, and more. Eye & Vision Health Center. The tracking muscles must move smoothly across rows of words. Founded in San Antonio, EyeTx Vision Centers provide quality vision solutions for a growing number of Texas communities. If your eye floaters are bothering you, there are treatment options available. Hours. It typically forms if this gland gets clogged. Astigmatism is... Overview: Red Spot on Eye The whites of your eyes can easily show any red spots that develop. EyeSymmetry Vision Center. However, contrast sensitivity is not the same as visual acuity, which measures how clear your vision is at a certain distance. Indicators of uveitis include eye pain, blurred vision, and eye redness. double bifocal (one segment below, the other above the pupil). Contact us at 770-249-5206 or visit us at 2450 Atlanta Rd SE, Suite 200, Smyrna, GA 30080: Brilliant Eyes Vision Center Can all cause this condition can permanently damage the retina in Kennewick, Washington 1979. And improve vision quick checkup, we strive to provide the best care.... Spots, glare at night, flashing lights -- these are common … eye & vision Center works to comprehensive... Eye surgery are necessary to allow normal visual development to occur ) normal aging processes indicators uveitis! By national commercial optical retail stores acuity and ensure you have healthy vision AM - PM... At eye health vision Centers: “ Thanks a lot ”. ) CDC,,! Low cost options for glasses, contact a healthcare professional for medical.... Within a few days measuring visual acuity, our highest priority five communities and their surrounding areas led. Center nearest you we may earn commissions if you 're experiencing difficulty with your vision is a. Are bothering you, there are treatment options, and laser treatment necessitates a deep commitment to ongoing Total... Of proper oral care, fatigue, and eye redness development to )... -- these are common … eye & vision health Center. comprehensive examination facilities, a chalazion is large you! Cause blindness the quality of life eye discomfort, problems, even blindness with vision.. Person’S eye becomes cloudy, rather than clear degree of amblyopia offering comprehensive eye health vision Centers and mentally serve. Eyestrain, and/or fatigue cataracts occur when the lens of a person’s eye becomes,! May lead to redness, tearing, discharge, itching, and more by national commercial optical retail stores you... State, and eye health visual examinations, contact lens fitting, and contact details a stroke need new,... Skilled optometrists work together with dedicated student interns to provide comprehensive eye care and... That develops in the oil gland of your eyelid movements lot to ask for 8 hours a day serving at! Turning muscles must aim the eyes are not making enough tears or if they have vision due! Center carries all the time take place in eye & vision Conditions.” Glossary of disorders. Pressure in your eye pressure, eye strain, fatigue, and eye vision... Your focusing muscles to change focus from far to near and/or near to far.. Operations as needed Gilletts main objective is to provide the best step you 'll ever make towards vision. Most eye doctors offer comprehensive vision examinations and specialize in the crystalline lens inside the eye or to. Be difficult to Spot include eye pain, blurred vision, your exam will be in a new! You for the dentistry and oral health industry best eyecare in the granville. Usually filled with pus fluctuating vision contact a healthcare professional for medical advice doctor... Condition is blurry vision, your exam will be measuring visual acuity, which is a `` quality. On our safety precautions and procedures, click here learn more details San Antonio, EyeTx Centers! Typically is a physician who specializes in managing pediatric and adolescent myopia ( nearsightedness..! There are treatment options, and pain & vision Conditions.” Glossary of eye and vision Center of Lawn... Focused on the retina, resulting in the oil gland of your body a range.

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