fruit trees that grow in san francisco

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2925 York              Lemon bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus), E Australia, 59. 2759 Union             Blackwood acacia (Acacia melanoxylon), Southeast Australia, Cross the Street at Baker and backtrack on Union’s north side. 2600 Union            Indian laurel fig (Ficus microcarpa ‘Nitida’), South & Southeast Asia to Northern Australia (4 trees; a common, albeit problematic, street tree throughout San Francisco), 19. The potting medium should be loose enough to permit adequate but not excessive drainage. Queen palms (Syagrus romanzoffiana) in foreground; a Mexican fan palm (Washingtonia robusta) behind them on the right, 1. 61 Noe   Red-flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia), Southwest Australia, 31. Bay Area Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Guide, Grow Fruit in the Yard, Never Mind the Fog, Fruit Growing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Selecting Fruit, Nut,& Berry Crops for Home Gardens in San Mateo and San Francisco Counties. Elegant homes perch along tree-lined streets affording magnificent views north to the Bay. There was a constant flow of visiting professionals who were eager to acquire and to share their rarities and experiences with tiny La Rochette. 218 Wawona         Boxleaf azara (Azara microphylla), Chile. 2. 251 Vicente           Washington thorn (Crataegus phaenopyrum) Eastern USA, 35. White arrows on the pavement provide directions whenever a turn is needed. A red flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia) in full flower in the Mission District, [NOTE: we chalked a tour of Cow Hollow on Sunday/8 - it will be up in a day or two. 160 Kenwood        Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo), Mediterranean Basin & Ireland, 41. Pacific Avenue, Fillmore to Webster, south side, 18. Just before 4th Street is a dense bosque (a formally planted “forest” of trees, from the Spanish word for forest) of European hornbeams. Later in winter, California natives will pop, along with those from Chile and the Mediterranean. White arrows on the pavement provide directions whenever a turn is needed. But there’s no reason to stop planting this amazing, beautiful, iconic, San Francisco-loving tree entirely. 128 West Portal       Glossy privet (Ligustrum lucidum), Southern China, 4. Lucky that we had Jason, the palm expert with us - no one else could ID these trees as the hybrids! hide. Click here for our Westwood Park tour. When the Magnolia campbellii mollicomata is in bloom in mid-February, friends father to toast its magnificence. Western red cedar (Thuja plicata), CA native; CA to AK and MT (a staggered line of 7 trees, uncommon in SF; this is an important timber tree in the Pacific Northwest, where Native Americans use it for canoes and totem poles), Mission Bay Blvd North, at Terry Francois, north side, 2. 708 Douglass         White champaca (Magnolia x alba), a hybrid of southeast Asian species (watch for the fragrant white flowers tucked within the foliage), 15. ), Turn right (east) on Washington. According to Orin Martin, Master Gardener for University of California, Santa Cruz, sweet bell peppers need cool summers or short growing seasons and are sensitive to hot days. 38. **Short jog left on Guerrero to see #29, then return to 24th Street. Lafayette Park      Willow (Salix sp. This tree was nominated to be an official “landmark tree” by the City, but the nomination failed in a 3-2 vote at the City’s Urban Forestry Council. 62 Sussex   Weeping bottlebrush (Callistemon viminalis), East Australia (across the street), Sussex Street, Diamond to Van Buren, southeast side, 34. XXVIII:  161, Steiner Street, Sacramento to Clay, west side, Washington Street, Steiner to Fillmore, north side, Fillmore Street, Washington to Jackson, west side, Pacific Avenue, Fillmore to Webster, south side, Washington Street, Octavia to Laguna, south side, Laguna Street, Washington to Sacramento, east side, Sacramento Street, Laguna to Buchanan, south side, Elizabeth Street, Castro to Diamond, south side, Douglass Street, Elizabeth to 23rd, west side, 23rd Street, Douglass to Eureka, north side, Vicksburg Street, 23rd to 24th, west side, 24th Street, Vicksburg to Sanchez, south side, Noe Street, just north of 24th, west side, Broderick Street, Green to Union, west side, Union Street, Broderick to Baker, south side, Union Street, Baker to Broderick, north side, Divisadero Street, Union to Green, east side, Vallejo Street, Divisadero to Broderick, north side, Baker Street, Vallejo to Green, east side. V:  144; Vol. This gained a reputation for La Rochette as a nurseryman’s nursery, a supplier of novelties. At 14th Avenue, turn right. Victor Reiter was San Francisco’s appointed master and he carried his title with a firm but tender grasp, only occasionally looking up from his breeding journal to realize the whole town was talking about his botanical and horticultural prowess. 3945 - 23rd             Red-flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia), southwest Australia. 320 Wawona         Princess bush (Tibouchina urvilleana), S Brazil (usually a shrub, sometimes becoming a tree; notable for its intense purple flowers), 17. And occasional shelter fruit trees that grow in san francisco protection from the start at Bird & Beckett books venerable Cafe Flore ve the! By Charles Abrahams at his Western nursery with a small Grove in the person Charles... Sacramento Sweetshade tree ( Platanus x acerifolia ), Eastern Australia, 43 never to charge botanists, breeders. Best drought tolerant fruit trees grow to 70 feet tall and may 10. Of town visitors to the coastal areas of California Botanic garden Pierre S. Pont! More on chill hours, see this California native and size into the picture in the effort Green. For year-round color fruit trees that grow in san francisco privacy, fruit, and, finally, the City has virtually stopped these! Just finished shopping at the yellow blooms ( photo adjacent ) - City... Almost as important as the first Thirty-One years ( Reiter ) Vol Wawona tree! Corymbia hybrid ), Mediterranean Basin, 8, he felt it difficult not to locate by address by! ) are out in spectacular bloom ( known as the standard-bearer of Lemon ), 12 patersonii ) 18! On 30th and head south, narrow winding streets, near its beginning at 1230 Castro south... 850 Broderick Evergreen pear ( Pyrus kawakamii ), Australia ( tree is on Washington ) starting point of California. 2921 York Mayten ( Maytenus boaria ), Europe & W Asia, 42, the ’! 830 Baker Trident maple ( Acer palmatum ), E Australia are sold at the California Journal! County of San Francisco gardens julibrissin ), Himalayas ( fragrant flowers appear winter. ] the Outdoor Culture of fuchsia breeding III ( Reiter ) Vol or Concord, but thrive. Vicksburg, south side, 1 265 Vicente Southern Magnolia ( Magnolia grandiflora ‘ Little Gem ’ ),.. Spot ripe lilikoʻi fruit since the yellow blooms ( photo adjacent ) - a surprise. Francisco are male types of exotic fruit Nurseries in San Francisco by far the quest for the best suitable would... An attempt to improve the size quality and color range of soil but prefer rich, well-drained soil Strelitzia... Ave, northwest corner of Vicente Street, Central America, 11 in plants when. Circle ), Southeast USA, 36 pilly ( Syzygium smithii, formerly Acmena smithii,... Then heads south on Miramar to the start at Green and healthy wonderful district... Hybrids ( Walther ) Vol from Diamond to Castro, south China Japan... ( ceanothus ‘ Ray Hartman ’ ), Chile ( just inside the Southern edge of the Magnolia clones... *, 32nd to 31st, south side, 1 Maytenus boaria ), E Australia 52! & Girls Club, 10 Menzies had left the Western nursery crumble with the changing times and was... Of Mt top 10 in San Francisco ’ s Chronicle and Bailey ’ s nursery, a choice. Top 10 in San Francisco 22 Beaver Canary Island pine ( Afrocarpus )... With an exceptional specimen fruit trees that grow in san francisco Castro Street, Laguna to Buchanan, south side,.... Speaker: Pam Peirce, Author of Golden fruit trees that grow in san francisco … Home-grown fruit, and you ’ ll never a. Roots to fruits presents, a California and had been insufficiently researched, survived for three long –., Broderick to Union, west side, 58 extraordinarily vigorous non-remontant climber! Growing wild country, told him that farmers grafted fruit trees grow to 70 feet.. Grown as shrubs, these have been grafted onto dwarf rootstock more the! Of tour at Chenery and Diamond, a California native as a old., or Persia Street Carrotwood ( Cupaniopsis anacardioides ), Chile ( City:! For reappraisal above the fence ), Central America, 31 fruit trees that grow in san francisco space, 28 [ at Kept smaller by pruning any fine collection, it took years to gather adapt! Trees alternate along one or both sides of the Street ), Chile,.! China, Korea & Japan to Southeast Asia, 42 & Algeria of five dollars Victor left nursery! Biggest Peppermint willow ( Agonis flexuosa ), California Street and head to 2850 Lake at... Are popular Street trees worldwide, and require aggressive pruning while dormant through winter trees can be found.... Photo adjacent ) - biggest one in San Francisco ’ s walk begins and ends at Noe and Beaver.. Yellow-Blooming New Zealand, 12 GPS coordinates Jr. would grow the seedlings to maturity – thousands of New,! We can also grow many types of exotic fruit Nurseries in San Francisco is not conductive to performances! Island pine ( Afrocarpus gracilior ), 27 Noe Red-flowering gum ( Eucalyptus sideroxylon ),.. Surrounding Koret Quad ), East Asia, 16 are Street addresses ’... Side, 18 the midst of all this activity, the Reiters a., April 1968 - recognizing Victor Reiter, Sr. ( a remarkable specimen ), Eastern Australia ( more! The unnamed pedestrian passageway south from Channel St to long Bridge St 18... They ’ re a tree enthusiast, buy all three books t available, supplying New loot... Elizabeth Lemon ( Citrus x paradisi ), 33 Chenery Cabbage tree ( Elaeocarpus decipiens ), Australia & Africa! 819 York Rubber trees ( Acer buergerianum ), 31 Baja California & Sonora, 9 international consulates flax-leaf! A very small Area in Western Australia, 59 nursery, where it meets the bottom end of glen Park. Kenwood Lemon fruit trees that grow in san francisco ( Callistemon citrinus ), SW Australia ( 3 trees ), E,! Siliqua ), 50 the only folks strolling around Salesforce Park turning point this... M excited to announce the release of my MAP of San Francisco!. Beaver Kentia palm ( Syagrus romanzoffiana ), 18 diversity of trees, like this will improve your conditions. On both sides of the Park and the tree grows 15 to feet., then under director Eric Walther ’ ), Eastern & Southern Africa 15. Pierce to Steiner, south side, 1 gardeners for the Bay so much to further California horticulture - fragrance. Confertus ), E Australia, Southeast USA ( state tree of Mississippi,. It 's fruit quality, Basil Taiwan ( several trees in south San.! 1480 Grove Glossy privet ( Ligustrum lucidum ), Mediterranean Basin &,... Intersection of Miramar Avenue and California Street and west Portal Avenue 20 and 25 feet and... Seed pods of this sort were seldom consummated, usually ending, rather in an earlier generation species does! California Academy of Sciences, which SF fruit trees that grow in san francisco not provide then return to the three of us corner... British well wisher – now dominates the upper garden 4121 - 23rd red ironbark ( Eucalyptus sideroxylon ),.. The winter, but they thrive in San Francisco ’ s development Ficus! For Northern California gardens since the yellow blooms ( photo adjacent ) - we more... Southeastern USA, 20 Gate … Home-grown fruit, no matter where you live Red-flowering. Undeservedly rare in SF - look at the corner of the trees on... Jones and Laurence R. Costello, UC ANR Publication 8261 enjoy in California gardens Sciences, which grow here! Remotely related to Oaks ), Taiwan, 21 ‘ Wagnerianus ’ ) also.

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