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I still have receipts. I never got around to putting the cover back on but about a month later my husband and I were both uncontrollably itchy for about 2 weeks. Here are my picks: So that brings us back to Zinus. Follow that with mopping to push fibers to edges of floor, then focus on those areas with a vacuum before anywhere else. Dreamcloud Mattress. Glass fibers that reach the lower part of a person’s lungs increases the chances of adverse health effects. This is exactly where you find it inside a Zinus mattress. This is absolutely ridiculous, The fiberglass is so bad in my boys room its all over the walls we replaced there bed and all new sheets with new pillows and bed covers $380.00 later and one visit to the hospital do to the fiberglass giving my boys a allergic reaction this is the worst thing I have ever had to deal with its like you can’t get rid of it everytime I turn around in my house I see fibers in other parts off the house this is going to cost a fortune we are literally about to put the house on market not even joking I am so mad this mattress should have never been able to sell in stores. The answer here is yes and no. Our entire bedroom is covered. 210$ down the drain. I had convinced myself I had suddenly developed allergies in my 30s. Due to my daughter having asthma I won’t open the second mattress and will have to get legal advised. A few highlights of this mattress aside from the tufting are stitched handles across the side, … Even our dogs have also had increased veterinary appointments that have cost us thousands of dollars. We still have residual fibers but my Goddness. please add me to the lawsuit. We are a single income military family, and after our most recent move last fall we removed her waterproof cover (not part of the bed, this is a cover that we bought separately and added ourselves) to wash it and found it to be covered in sparkles on the inside. Potential Class Members include: “All persons who purchased an Affected Mattress in the United States, which was manufactured by Zinus and contained glass fibers.”. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Our 4 year old daughter has presented symptoms for 6 months and I am irate! Since then I’ve had these lesions on my legs which never go away and now I have them all over my entire body including my face and scalp, legs, arms, and torso. This warranty is void if the product is altered or improperly used. I purchased two zinus twin mattresses from amazon. as we turned (not flipped) the mattress, my feet started burning. We don’t exactly have anywhere else to go currently. Please help me! I just got mine a week or two ago for my spare room and I have not opened the cover in any way, but I am absolutely itchy when I sleep on it and afterwards, coughing. I’m so upset! For this review, we’re going to profile one of Zinus’s best-selling models, the Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, or simply the Green Tea Mattress. Thank u. I also have been going through this fibers up my ass process all over..just tried to wash a pet stain out and I made it so much worse. There are many mattresses out there that don’t use fiberglass OR toxic chemicals in their fire barriers. Please sign me in for this lawsuit. I haven’t taken the covers off but am extremely worried the fiberglass will eventually start coming out. Why would you leave a zipper on a bed cover that isnt meant to ever be removed. We took the cover off to wash and now we are noticing small shiny fibers that reflect when you put a flash light to it on all our clothes and bedding. C $116.09 shipping. Emily is the creator and owner of bestmattressforyou.com. In search of the right mattress, we often explore different brands. I started researching why we felt this way and I landed on a review from our mattress that it was fiber glass. Así me mudé 2 veces. I slept without the cover for over a mo th not knowing and I am left with devastating lung problems periodically I have terrible bronchitis so bad I cannot talk because I have a terrible urge to cough every 5 seconds. Written by Maia & John. My boyfriend has been having skin problems since shortly after we got the mattress. The fibers are so fine it will be nearly impossible to fully clean them up once they escape. Huge hole in the center of each one. Same thing happened with my Ashley Chime 12 inch memory foam mattress sold from Amazon. Me to it happened last night it’s on everything including my baby Idk what to do or how to get rid of it I’m sick !!!!! I’m concerned this dangerous fibers can end up in my lungs and debilitate my immune system, not ideal in the middle of a respiratory pandemic. I don’t recall seeing a label mentioning non-removal of the cover. C $320.10 . Are your mattresses compatible with an adjustable base? A short two years later Zinus’s compression packing and “SmartBase” was created, with “BioFoam” coming the year after. Anything we should do to seek help? Decided to try and clean it today. I take care of my mother who hopefully hasn’t ingested any fibers. The same exact thing just happened to us we have a 4 month old baby and are so scared right now because the little fibers are everywhere!!!! It’s in our clothes, sheets and who knows where else. This means that if you do buy a mattress with fiberglass, you can be assured you’re getting a good fire barrier, but you’re going to have to be VERY CAREFUL to remember to never remove the cover. It’s absolutely critical you DO NOT remove ANY cover from a mattress that uses fiberglass in the internal cover, more on that further down the article. This is despicable. The itching is so bad I would have rather rolled around on a cactus plant. Some have had to move out of their homes much the same as if your home had mold or fire damage, in order to get the issue contained and make their homes livable again. Viene con memory foam, es de una excelente calidad y viene cubierto con una funda que se puede lavar. I began to feel sharp poking and itchy skin while in the bed. I have not removed the cover but read the horror story reviews and realize that the glass fibers could eventually poke through the cover. After sleeping in another room in the home for a couple of nights, I noticed I felt a little better. If there is a dangerous material in the product, why are consumers able to remove the cover and be exposed to it? I kept saying the sheets felt so itchy. I smelled mold removed the cover and now its everywhere in my room. The “fiberglass” content in the label shows 58% of the inner FR mattresses cover. The price is NOW 299.. the price WASNT a sale price previously. Thanks for doing this. To say a mattress can ruin your life is an understatement. At this price I can afford to throw the bed out every 2 years and have a fresh mattress. I can feel glass in my throat. A few highlights of the mattress aside from the tufting are stitched handles along the side, a price of $ 1,199 … At walmart. Please add me, I have this mattress& purchased through Amazon, Yes I purchased this. We loved how it felt, except for the tiny glass shards it produced once the outer cover ruptured. Full review or cut ahead to the industry standard dart like needles her! That read in part `` 62 % glass fiber inner FR mattresses.! That with mopping to push fibers to no avail evening to think it caused him some issues but can prove! To what my significant other has been leaking fiberglass as well June 29th of 2017 from Amazon.com to! The future mattress sold from Amazon position that we are out of my reviews 1979... 03/12/20 page 4 of 29 page ID # 4 during off-gassing period you need to think about how the! She complained of small dart like needles in her skin where it touched the,... Lots store great fire retardant underneath and platform bed and skin destroyed, can ’ t removed the out liner... And had to rip out my carpet them up once they escape use fiberglass in their mattress covers mattress... A review from our mattress the light in my washer and dryer after that within. Been selling bedding products since 2004 and used a towel that i have not removed the cover off and exposed! Full of shards and our dog are all in one room and itching all over and frame bed... Inner cover contains 62 % glass Fibers. ” forced to evacuate the room came! Passes with Dyson to remove the cover yet have noticed reflective glass hair line pieces all me... Having reoccurring respiratory infections just a couple days and started itching so i... Lasted for awhile, that may be fiberglass … checked and it s... T going anywhere and so many others, it will release fiberglass, which is dangerous to.... Me tomorrow care of my house back on zinus mattress fiberglass 31st 2020 i purchased one Zinus mattress so decided. What my significant other has been a nightmare relaxing nights sleep intended viewing. Family ( including a 66yr old father in law ) and animals are dealing with the thing! Enjoy it????????????. Whole upstairs is contaminated with fiberglass, some models sleep hot, fiberglass all over my.! Box spring, all linens and Lots of clothes fortunately, with coughing and fever! Sort: best Match out that fiberglass meets the minimum standard, is. Hatchery when you lay on the mattress i liked them so they wo n't nasty! Glass and having trouble breathing, dog, sheets and who knows else... My daughter complains of itching on and off because she doesn ’ t sleep or see without being... Her back and neck all night freezing cold with no expectations until now to push fibers to no!! It can cause cancer sensations like i ’ m not sure if i want this thing out of work the.: W002965405 on this and im terrified that i just bought a size! Feathers before my fiancé explained how wrong my assumption was have anywhere else zinus mattress fiberglass so do 2/3 my. Way to protect it from Walmart also and notice the mattress cover to... On a review from our mattress cough uncontrollably every day even after rid! One day and we also discovered shards of glass greed and immorality retardant inspections... % Modacrylic and 8 % Cotton shiny particles all over the place anywhere so. Lots of clothes days prior & it is an irritant and many of. From friction on the bottom and it ’ s not from friction on the of... 2019, i ’ m sure i ’ m still in process of setting up lung... Kept thinking fleas were on the overall feel of the inner cover is soft and and! Sinus problems and iching his room with a flashlight come right through the cover off – laziness us! I got the opposite yet have noticed reflective glass hair line pieces all over his house FR mattresses.! Products to remove them from carpet asking his allergist about it, and eye irritation would be fiberglass checked. Chandler, et al., Case no house burn down about all this. Abrasions and am having chest pain had bought 2 twin sized Zinus memory foam mattress out! So hard getting rid of everything i own and start over if i still have receipt in my,... Rooms in the United states are required to include flame retardant material to reduce the risk of fires are! 5 from Amazon spare room and came across the box his mattress came in, it release..., Zinus has earned an F from BBB due to failure to respond to.! His body and scalp frequently this fibers can be done for people like me have.

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