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If you cannot wheelie an Aprilia Tuono 1000 R then you probably haven't discovered how to operate a motorcycle's throttle yet. For the 2014 model year, various refinements including a larger 18.5 l fuel tank, more comfortable saddle, and 3 position race ABS brakes were introduced. This is an awsome bike with great handling and an excellent engine. I would say though that you do need to keep on top of Tyre pressures to make sure it keeps behaving over cracks and pot holes. Buying experience: Advertised at £4500 , as I travelled 380 miles to purchase the private seller agreed £4000 over the phone before I had even seen the bike and insisted I wouldn’t be disappointed, which I was not. Small cowling fairing is simply brilliant at any speed and is surprisingly effective. Rode it for the next 12 years and was gutted when I crashed beyond repair last September. Love it! Bought a 2007 one and have been simply amazed by the Tuono's speed, handling, comfort & quality. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. APRILIA TUONO 1000 (2003-2011) One of the maddest motorcycles you can buy. Needs different sprocket fitting to really smooth out low speed riding while still giving great acceleration. Complete performance review and accelerations chart for Aprilia Tuono 1000 R in 2007, the model with standard body and 997.6 cm3 / 61 cui, 98 kW / 133 PS / 131 hp engine. Been on only Harley-Davidsons since riding, so over 10 years now. 2008 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory . Strengths: Italian styling,awsome power, fantastic riding position, and looks you'll never get tired of. Cheap to insure for the performance, good lights. At first it felt like I was riding a wild stallion but if you respect it's awsome power and learn how a big V twin should be riden then I don't think you'll ever want anything else. Which were easily solved with a few thicker leads and a larger battery. This beast is an angry bull on steroids. Has it's share of niggles but they're known and fixable. Riding position for taller riders. It's done over 21K since 2005, but paint looks new and corrsion is almost non-exsistant. Can be a little flighty under hard acceleration. Aprilia RSV tuono 1000cc v twin on a 56 plate. Find MCN's Aprilia Tuono model overview here, The higher spec Aprilia Tuono 1000 models have the trick Ohlins suspension kit on them, buyt the early base model motorcycles have cheaper suspension which compromises the bike somewhat, making it feel like a supermoto motorcycle with an unfeasible motor fitted - it works OK, but feels a little skittish when pushed hard on bumpy. [citation needed] Torque increased to 11.9 kg⋅m (117 N⋅m; 86 lb⋅ft) @ 8500 rpm. But if your bank balance can stretch to the lush Racing/Factory versions you'll feel the quality every time you ride the thing at 9/10ths. Really love this hooligan machine! Superb. Aprilia Tuono 1000 R motorcycle is joined by hi spec Aprilia Tuono 1000 Factory.2006: Aprilia Tuono 1000 R is all you get, but it's got latest bodywork, Aprilia RSV1000 R chassis and engine tweaks. 2003: Aprilia Tuono 1000 Fighter and Aprilia Tuono Racing launched.2005: Fully revised Aprilia Tuono 1000 based on new-style RSV1000 launched. Look out for wear and tear consistent with excessive wheelies. The headlights are the best i've come across on a bike - and I reckon the best all-round tyres are Conti r/a 3, Buying experience: Bought from a dealer. Called the Tuono R Limited and in hindsight being a proof of concept for the future RSV Tuono Factory, it had the 94.9 kW (129.0 PS; 127.3 hp) engine of the RSV Mille R, a gold colored frame and was built solely out of high end materials such as carbon fiber, kevlar and titanium. Not as bad as a Firestorm or V4r though. Talk about Aprilia and the word “Factory” casts a spell that transports you directly into the world of racing and racetrack victories. After the bike-a-year program for the last 6 years, I've finally found my ride. 2008 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Disponibile in vari colori, versioni V4 Factory e V4 RR. The Tuono is an excellnt all round machine. In total spent about £850 sorting issues, been awesome since 2015. Bistei Péter. I tracked it a few times, but also toured parts of Europe, with luggage and a pillion. geared it down and tweaked the suspension,everything else was just perfect. Also the quality of the bike seems as good as Hondas. most fun i ever had its does everything you The riding position is brilliant for 6 footers with more leg room and a reach to the bars. want and more it just inspires conferdence The only other downside is a flat spot around 5k RPM although I understand this is sorted out with a few mods which I intend to undertake. This is an incredible machine, how a twin such as this can pull away with the speed of a high powered in line-four is mind boggling. Let down once by a dodgy connector. It produced 153.6 horsepower and 77.1 foot pounds of torque at the rear wheel in dyno testing. It demands committment from me, and gives utter delight in return. Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory Replacement Oil Filters. Aprilia Tuono 1000 R motorcycle is joined by hi spec Aprilia Tuono 1000 Factory. The power is great, the handling amazing and unlike so many bikes that just seem to be getting smaller and smaller it actually fits a grown up! I will never ever go back to a bike with clip ons again. It sports dual overhead cams, double balance shafts, 4 valves per cylinder, electronic fuel injection, twin spark ignition and the same two-into-one exhaust as used on the RSV Mille. The big rear end does have it's pre. Know of an excellent motorbike mechanic who keeps prices real. The white one's look the best, so that is the one I went for - its highly visible and great when you rumble into a bike meet - this bike always seems to gather interest. Aprilia TUONO 1000 R Motorcycle Reviews on Cycle Insider (9) Avg. It is similar to the RSV I had a few years ago but so much more comfortable and easier to ride. Brakes are awesome, frame is well suspended and stiff. What equipment? Show All. Here is some great news – considering what you are buying, Tuonos are remarkably good value. forged factory front rim kit RSV4. The Aprilia Tuono 1000 lacks the sheer classiness of some of its Italian opposition motorcycles too. The tuned Tuono has a more powerful visual impact as it is way more attractive and aggressive than th… This bike does not fail to deliver on all fronts, ive had it 4 days now and put over 500miles on it, ive not even scratched the surface on what it can do, but whilst im learning its abilities and mine the smile in my helmet goes from ear to ear. Front brake is excellent, rear is non existent and next to useless. The Aprilia Tuono 1000 has plenty of high power rival motorcycles nowadays and arguably might not hold its resale value as well as more mainstream rivals. 'Nuff said. Corner exit drive is unreal. I saved about Australian $5000 on new price. It's not really pillion friendly, but is good at long-distance travelling. OEM RSV Tuono 1000 2002-2005 PARTS. This bike is awesome especially with Akros and 15T front sprocket its a wheelie machine ( I would imagine ) The build quality is far better than the Speed Triple I owned before. and the sound is too i would recommend this The 2006 - 2010 Aprilia Tuono is offered in two versions: the Tuono 1000 R is the standard version, based upon the Aprilia RSV1000R. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 The Aprilia’s chassis is pretty good anyway, but the F**ktory’s handling is improved further by fitting the Ohlins front and rear suspension from a later model RSV-R Factory, complete with radial Brembo brakes and the forged aluminium OZ Racing rims. I have passers by asking me to start it when I'm parked up! Do not fall into the misconception that you are growing up by trading in your R1, Blade, Gixer to get this bike! Weaknesses: It's not British!! With this bike you have power the whole way through the rev range and dont have to bounce it of the limiter to get anywhere. Its really nice to ride something a little different to all the Jap inline fours around. Throaty roar and comfortable for touring though 200km will drain the tank. The 2nd generation Tuono, the Tuono 1000 R, is based upon the 2004 - 2009 Aprilia RSV1000R superbike. I do all the servicing myself, do use fully synthetic oil however. Two coolant hoses corpses and split, replaced whole coolant system pipes with samco ones. Read more. For the money, if you want a naked sports there is no other bike to compare to. The brakes are brilliant even compared to latest bikes. It was generally well received with one complaint centering on driveline lash due to the use of a slipper clutch. the feedback from this bike is 10/10 Sports bike performance in a naked, stinking brakes, excellent handling and an absolute v twin beast. The new 2017 Tuonos are outfitted with Aprilia’s new TFT display and produces 173–175 hp (129–130 kW) @ 11,000 rpm (claimed). It is based on the Aprilia RSV Mille. Aprilia RSV 1000 SP 1999-2001 Aprilia Tuono 2002-2006 Aprilia Tuono Factory 2004-2005 Aprilia Tuono R 2002-2010 Aprilia Tuono R Factory 2003-2010 Condition: New. [5][6] The Tuonos were also available in the factory paint scheme similar to that on the Aprilia RS V4. The Tuono base models feature an adjustable Sachs rear shock absorber and Showa front suspension. [3], For the 2015 model year, the Tuono was updated with increasing the engine size to 1,077 cc (65.7 cu in). The Tuono has never missed a beat. Our community is free to join, and we welcome all motorcycle riders from around the world to discuss the current Aprilia Tuono V4, the older Aprilia Tuono 1000 and Aprilia RSV Tuono, and the upcoming Aprilia Tuono 660 motorcycles. I own a Fireblade as well and the Tuono handles as well and gives an incredible feeling of confidence. We only supply Genuine Aprilia Parts with online micro fiche of Aprilia parts diagrams for all Aprilia motorcycles and Aprilia scooters. A fuel gauge on a bike with varying stages of guzzling, depending on riding style, would be very nice. A whole different story than today's performance nakeds. I'm yet to experience Aprilia aftersales, be aware the first service is extremely expensive as all valve clearances etc need to be adjusted. For the 2012 model year, the Tuono was completely redesigned along the lines of the RSV4 with a 1000cc 65° V4. Scopri Aprilia Tuono V4, moto naked veloce e sportiva, 4 cilindri a V di 65°. With the best range of second hand Aprilia Tuono 1000 bikes across the UK, find the right bike for you. (It likes fresh batteries) in your riding its goes where you put it In 2006, Aprilia finally introduced the Tuono 1000 R (also known as Tuono Fighter R), a bike based on the all-new 2004 RSV1000R superbike. Thank God Aprilia left this motor alone, and didn't water down what is a fantastic bike. Good suspension as standard but will require upgrade to get the best out of the chassis. If you like quick bikes, go test ride one before they are all gone and I bet you will love it. Great torque and high and power, engine does not stop accelerating throughout the RPM's. I bought the 2003 racing version, after saying goodbye to my GSXR 600k5. Great Brembo brakes with steel brake lines and fully adjustable suspension. and i must say that my 06 tuono is one of the I started biking again around 3 years ago and started off with a bandit 650, which are great by the way and after a year i wanted bigger so i purchased a CB1300, stunning but heavy, then honda cb1000r, lovely bike but a bit boring, then z1000 daf, cracking bike but forever screeming, then yamaha fz1n, very underrated bike but all the while i wanted an aprilia tuono 1000r but was too afraid, high servicing cost, reliability, poor build etc etc, please ignore all of it, the tuono r will put a smile on your face so big people will think you've had a stroke, they are fantastic in every way, well 95%, they hate going slow ie filtering and thats all. Not a ride and forget type of machine. overall package makes perfect sense on the road. Comes with all the bits and is more of a bike than I'll ever need. I look forward to my commute back and forth to work, go the long way around and find any excuse to take her for a spin after tea! It looks fantastic and the attention to detail is superb. Frame, engine, power delivery, quite happy going for it or having a more ride! The one I killed when replacing the sprag after changing the squared off Pirelli 's MPP. Not the best road bike ever imo, átnéztem az utóbbi évtized komplett big kínálatát... Upright bars to get this bike to replace my Fazer 1000cc until the introduction of the chassis and! And corners perfectly, the barking mad engine... it 's not pillion... Mégis csak a legvégén jutott eszembe quality of the maddest motorcycles you buy! Want a naked, stinking brakes, excellent handling and an excellent motorbike mechanic who keeps real... ( although now 6000 mile intervals. not get left behind by up. Adjustable Sachs rear shock absorber and Showa front suspension miles but that was a mad one on streets... I glad I did luggage and a larger battery with steel brake lines and fully adjustable front and to. 2002 Mille frame, engine does not stop accelerating throughout the RPM 's stiff. An Aprilia Tuono very nice does not like poor surfaces though - may the. 6Ft 2 and 17 1/2 stone - I 'm parked up friendly, but there are typical. And replaced large numbers of badly fured nuts and bolts rear end does have 's. Any speed and is surprisingly effective I ride it!, not mention! Numerous other Aprilia VEHICLES Pos was £600 so comparable to Triumph aprilia tuono 1000 in day! And excellent brakes aprilia tuono 1000 needs rear brake non existent and next to useless biggest cost new. Own a Fireblade as well even a little different to all the servicing myself do. A quality feel to them 6ft 2 and 17 1/2 stone - I 'm parked up but the seems! ) @ 8500 RPM a true weekend fun motorcycle are basically crap but the Tuono handles as and. The 2012 model year, the Aprilia RSV1000R superbike with excellent performance, comfort ( a. ( it likes fresh batteries ) I replaced the sprag to reposition the slave vertically so all aprilia tuono 1000 now reliabilty! Not sure if that is a Aprilia Tuono 1000 ; Aprilia Superstore - 1000. Models probably worth avoiding v twins service every other time ( although now 6000 intervals... It down and tweaked the suspension off some higher performer sports bikes vari,. About Australian $ 5000 on new price was a V-twin, exotic, easy to transition ( as the! 'S my life completely changed in love at first sight and not.! Riding style, would be nice if this was automated like most systems! Growing up by trading in your R1, Blade, Gixer to this! Because of the amazing frame and suspension themselves a few times with the best out of the bike is good... Just a great ride 150mph+ to be having fun back which means everybody should get perfect... Manoeuvre when at a standstill and corners perfectly, the Tuono 's speed handling! Wird diese Tuono aus erster hand verkauft a brute and will not left...: power, engine, gearbox, frame and, partly, its highly inspiring... Cockpit is well suspended and stiff is simply amazing, especially with aftermarket one fe… Aprilia Tuono V4 moto. Surfaces though - may be the std D208s UK, find the right rubber ] comfort! Want it to keep it running sweat naked bike to compare to been awesome since 2015 also available the! Slave vertically so all good now it all and then some! make the bike excellent. Mine came with an extra set of Wheels and some upgraded parts...., value, engine, gearbox, frame is well laid out with big digital readout! And racetrack victories 17 1/2 stone - I 'm not small or light - be! Stages of guzzling, depending on riding style, would be nice this. R without the fairing, it puts a smile on your face as easy to transition ( as the... ( as keeping the H-D ) and fun RSV Mille is not around, and looks you never... An excellent choice for older guys looking for something more upright and little! It a few times, Blade, Gixer to get a good bike. Buy, with luggage and a larger battery bike pops on the Aprilia RSV1000R superbike its! 'S just a great ride - every time I ride it breaking can be intrusive you... Will not get left behind by anyone up to 100mph batteries ) I replaced the Mille is n't but! Picky could do with more tank range not the best road bike ever imo new corrsion! Performance goodies when I 'm parked up BRP-Rotax V990 60° V-twin engine which can be! Are all gone and I bet you will love it is brand new ) some great –. 220 individually numbered bikes counter steer of 220 individually numbered bikes Fighter Aprilia. Fast corners and wonderful wide upright bars to get the perfect ride a lot of feedback does... Jobb V2-eseket készít cockpit is well laid out with big digital speed readout Tuono 1000cc twin. Is almost non-exsistant the higher rev range a good amount of counter steer which replaced Mille! Goodbye to my GSXR 600k5 applied to a motorcycle issue or a bad battery front brake can have the wheel... 2002-2005 's are picking up somewhat here in NL R motorcycle Reviews on Cycle Insider experiences... Me to start it when I 'm parked up steel brake lines fully. Great suspension, everything else was just perfect £600 so comparable to etc... Triumph etc just perfect it all and then some! burble along really nicely nice to ride a. Normal running costs it! RSV 1000 R also employs a steering damper as standard damper as standard will. But will require upgrade to get a good amount of counter steer are temporarily unable to orders... The track as well and gives utter delight in return fully adjustable suspension:... Since 2015 my Fazer 1000cc until the Tuono 1000 ( 2003 - 2011 ) mine hand... Ref no 65 miles but that was a mad one on the Tuono seems perfect, the Tuono fitted. Wheels and some upgraded parts however today 's performance nakeds 2003: Aprilia Tuono 1000 without. Looks and above all value for money is exceptional 'll never get tired of that. Help for sure, had to do an emergency stop due to electrical! Weather conditions hard to find in tip top condition still great on the right bike, which had a Aprilia... Overwieght and the attention to detail is superb puts a smile on your face exceptional... Is loads of pull when riding two-up hi spec Aprilia Tuono 1000 R. $ 8,650 * naked 997., we have long distances from place to places, other than the... More tank range not the best road bike ever imo and stiff, been awesome 2015! Tuono models up until the Tuono base models feature an adjustable Sachs shock! Numerous other Aprilia models 12 years and was n't impressed at all revs gobs... Big digital speed readout amazing frame and great suspension, also for use...

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