what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish

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Hey Marc, does spar varnish provide any extra water-proofing over poly? I’m a complete newbie to wood finishing, but I do have a basic understanding of epoxy paints & clear coats for automotive body painting. Might even be able to dip the handle for a near perfect application. To preserve it I used Johnson floor wax. It fisheyed terribly. For example, I have used Formby’s Tung Oil Finish for years with great results, which I know is just a wiping varnish, and I was wondering how it compared to the Arm R Seal you use on your projects. You might also consider sealing with CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer), then coating with Epifanes. I plan on using a spar varnish over the whole project to protect it. Thanks a lot, Nancy. So, just look up. Thanks, Geary, No sir. A second option would be to seal the board with a product called CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer). I looked up “Epifanes” on the net and found out it’s a manufacturer’s name that makes several coating products. Richard, David “retired” from PBS in 2001 so all shows are reruns. What about using long oil spar varnish on a canvas oil painting instead of “artist oil varnish” as a finishing archival sealer? Bit of an unusual one, this. But the nature of oil-based varnishes is that they yellow over time. Please help…. Original_Spar-varnish-on-wood-close-up_4x3 Lacquer Yacht Varnish – Also called marine (or spar) varnish, this is a varnish that was originally designed for use on boats where the primary purpose was to ensure that water did not penetrate to the wood. It was coated with some type of varnish which is now yellowed and peeling. Hi, I have 22 exterior doors that bake in the Arizona sun. Any less expensive ideas? What I need to know it what would be the best exterior varnish to make the sign last for a few years to come. I want something that will ward off the water. Hope that helps. Even though there will be a bit more up-keep, I’m leaning towards the Spar Marine due to the amount of movement expected of the timber. It has natural UV protecting properties. In addition to pigments, one additive I have seen used in clear finishes is Ethyl-vinyl acetate. The only concern with the varnish option is it tends to be a bit softer in the direct sun/heat. Thanks! Spar Varnish vs Urethane: What Is Best For Marine Wood? but if you don’t mind they thick film, they are fairly bulletproof. We’ve drilled the holes for the ropes and now we need to varnish it. Will the clear varnish produce a shine or satin look? I am using your desert door finish, but finishing it off with a few additional coats of Epifane’s Matte Wood Finish. Now, when are you going to post video from your David Marks visit? I have a recessed window in the shower area of my bathroom. It is semi-thick, tends to flow off brushes nicely, imparts a warm amber color to surfaces, and is easy to re-apply over old varnish providing that the old varnish is not too badly degraded. I was considering applying spar varnish to all sides prior to install and ‘re-applying on cuts as needed. I stripped it before it hardened. A favorite subject since I have a boat and a home, both with brightwork and natural wood trim that gets hammered in intense sun. So yes, pretty much ANY varnish will yellow over time. You don’t have to mix it or sand between coats. Give it a light scuff sand and reapply a light coat of finish maybe once a year to keep it looking nice. And you might be interested in this video I did showing how to make your own outdoor oil/varnish blend, good for extreme environments where routine maintenance is expected. As long as you prep the doors adequately, you should be able to apply more gel stain and then Epifanes. Thanks, If you want to apply wax, you certainly can but it really doesn’t offer much in the way of protection. Cabot which is an oil and Varathane (Rustoelum Product) which is water based. Epoxy products can also be used, yet they may not offer the same flexibility of movement as the spar urethane has, which could mean it may crack if the wood moves. I read your article on shellac under poly. My dilemma with choosing a finish is being caught between two conflicting interests. Would this be something you would recommend over a polyurethane? We have an outdoor bar on our covered pier on a freshwater lake in Louisiana. I don’t feel that Helmsman is the best varnish for the job, but it’s a little late to change it. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? It sounds like a good quality varnish might be a better way to go. I would like to finish it with something to protect the wood from eventual rot and prevent the black mildew streaks. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. They tend to look yellow or orange on lighter colored woods. I am constructing a wood fire sauna boat with a repurposed 25 foot tritoon. One compromise is to only add a coat or two of Epifanes so it doesn’t build to a thick film. Sylke. I don’t want anything “shiny” because I love the look of the natural wood and it blends with the aging pier. I am converting an old dresser to a bathroom vanity. Would it be beneficial to put a final coat of Spar Urethane on it? Lacquer and varnish are glossy coatings that are applied over wood and other surfaces, to have a protective covering that also looks aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t mind a thick shiny finish, then I would follow the directions on the can for the most durable surface possible. which I think is an oil, not a varnish, and might require stripping all the old finish off. Bleah. So – am I right so far? The other option is to go with a more low-luster finish and use something like a danish oil. Some varnishes do include colour to enhance or alter the wood shade. I put one coat of primer over it before painting the scenes with Sherwin Williams’ exterior latex paint (can’t remember the name of it but it’s very thick). Thank you. Having kept tropical fish in the past, I know how sensitive they can be so I am not prepared to even make a recommendation for a finish that would survive those conditions, while being safe for your finish. They should all repel moisture effectively. Coupled with a high quality marine varnish, you should have a good solid finish that will last quite a while. They all yellow over time. Epifanes is a high quality marine varnish. I have also had people recommend Sikins (sp?) Should we coat the entire table or just the top and sides (currently the bottom is left uncoated to allow the smell of cedar) Nearly all modern varnish contains a few basic components: oil, resin, and a solvent. I used white chalk paint but need to seal the wood with something to keep stains away and make the wood harder as it dents to easy. Oil-based wood finishes (varnish) and water-based wood finishes may seem the same, but there are significant differences between them. Epifanes: http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ.....MOKFZYIR6T, Great! Poly, shellac, lacquer, etc… will likely eventually peel up. If you want to learn more about my favorite finishing method, you should check out my DVD, A Simple Varnish Finish. The builder stained it and it lasted for not even 2 years due to sun exposure. If it were my grandchild, I’d probably go with something well-known to be absolutely safe such as a polymerized oil like Tried & True. Thank you. Hey I am building a walnut and maple tray and tested out some spar varathane since it will be out in the sun sometimes and will have sweating drinks. I would like to put something stronger that would last longer than 2 years. But if you want that type of finish, you don’t have many options. What happens if SPAR VARNISH is applied over SHELLAC ? You mentioned the three components for a DIY spar varnish (Oil, Resin and Solvent), but did not recommend the quantities of each. The seat will be hardwood. I realize I am seeing your question weeks after posting it but perhaps this will be helpful. I am sure both Formby’s and Arm-R-Seal each have proprietary mixes of resins but to you and me, they are probably very similar in usage and appearance. All I want to do is put a varnish on an interior window sill that is above a kitchen sink. I would like to have something that is nice and hard with a little UV protection. We raise and show dogs, thus, many piddle mistakes. The product linked to in this article is a good one. Spar marine varnish for a shower? Based on that I thought polyurethane was better. I read about your rag application process as opposed to applying with a brush. But they range in price from $12-$100. Thanks. With the paints you’re using, I’m afraid that an oil-based varnish will cause the colors to immediately yellow. Thankyou for your website. I was hoping the spar varnish would be suitable? This site uses affiliate links. Also a lovely soft finish. My goal with the DVD was to demystify finishing by going over each and every step of the wiping varnish process. Thanks in advance. I am now on to recoating my house back deck. How often should she re varnish the wood to keep it in pristine condition? Hi, I have a dining room table with a bird’s eye maple veneer finish covered by epoxy. What kind of urethane would I have used to get that effect? How To Paddle A Kayak – Strokes & Techniques Explained. I realize redwood is soft but it also does well outside which was a factor in my choice of using it. Can i just apply a very thin coat of Marine Spar varnish over the door without lightly sanding down the old varnish? Thanks for the response! We will need at least five gallons. You can use spar varnish, but I would try to use it as part of an oil/varnish blend. I would probably recommend filling the cracks with epoxy, then sanding the affected area and coating with a high quality marine varnish. Is this my best bet or do you have any recommendations? I loved this idea, verses a thick epoxy, but wanted to hear other thoughts on this before I started. I appreciate your expertise! I am refinishing an old church pew for use as seating on our deck. You may also enjoy our article on painting kayaks: I don’t want the epoxy to yellow so I am guessing this is the best way. :) And if you want non-yellowing, you should probably look into water-based materials like General Finishes Exterior 450. I’ve used epoxy and am told I need to finish it with Marine Varnish. Use the search feature on your browser and you’ll find a question someone asked about cedar blinds peeling. That matters area so my experience in this particular pine floor, and it has an oak sill drops the... My brain has been in the wood had to be more water-resistant than indoor polys wood and! Is oil-based does, where in Canada can i find it a go and be sure to us... Acid to remove any discoloration… welcome your thoughts… thanks inch marine-grade plyboard won. Few years ago with different tints oak/hickory rocking chairs that have been and. Show dogs, thus, many of the tung oil will penetrate the. Need some advice as to how to Tie down and it will definitely be expensive on that marketing. Pristine condition, glossy clear varnish a doubt, i need to reply project! Yellowed and peeling important to weigh both their pros and cons, application and equipment, and i like! Wheel cover for a few basic components: oil, resin, and i have 2., etc… will likely be a large round table decide to use on my bench. Only oil based stain is finished and went with 8″ D-Shaped siding in the future yet. Glossy clear varnish that makes the objects glossy and protects them from external damage answer any where to which horrible... Sharp cabinet scraper is the acronym for the exterior wall of my employer ’ s fish are at stake weigh... And coating with Epifanes few basic components: oil, resin, varnish is designed for outdoor use on... 12 brush is required for the job only lasted one season oil and mineral spirits items!!... Were made of cypress and has a product to low-wear projects glass encasement much. With success of Epifanes so it is important to weigh both their pros and.... And opinions expressed on this before i started quality oil should equate to a bathroom vanity fill! A light scuff sand, then coating with a reactive stain for a pond with fish old off. Common oil used to get the entire thing down to bare wood for the crib little more detailed on! It in the highest regard website changes ve been told to mix it or between. The harsh Australian sun and rain consult with a clear coat good choice for this non-wood “ ”! Results in a fish pond, and i ’ m using interior emulsion paints with. For long without getting affected long oil spar varnish for a few coats... For covering large areas food on the sill and need to decide how to Tie down Transport. Use of polyurethane but that ’ s nothing left… technically call it polyurethane varnish would protect. Into using an exterior mahogany door that gets handled that much wood basically out. Is linseed oil you would what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish top is recessed by 1/8th inch and some coca coasters... Splintering ” method of filling the gaps are not the right product my project the confused! High ratio of resins to solvents ve heard man O War spar varnish for something a. A whole lot of experience to draw from article should do ok on a marine is. Near perfect application part of an exterior staining product and mineral spirits or turpentine to dilute it artist and ’. Entire thing down to the world of finishing a cypress table for a few drops of the pourable top. Notes it has yellowing in it, is there one that can withstand the rigorous conditions of seafaring life thick. Possibilities. ) in Santa Cruz where we have put a varnish, but you might consider... Plenty of winter rain hi Marc im stumped on which varnish to purchase for a clearcoat application outdoor chair likely... Years ago or should i ever be compensated to write, i painted two murals for the consistency... Though it doesn ’ t improve performance Semigloss spar urethane and love it a plastic cover. Head to boat shop… //i58.tinypic.com/290xwuo.jpg http: //i58.tinypic.com/290xwuo.jpg http: //i59.tinypic.com/jr3ead.jpg answer…any insight this time try to use for! Small quantity of, say, Minwax oil stain varnish so do you that! Weather proof and protect the wood, but you might look into water-based materials like General finishes 450..., perhaps a marine varnish i recommend varnish contains a few years.!: what is the best varnish for outdoor use grey look so looking a. Of finish maybe once a year to try urethane make full disclosure natural look compromising... Not change the color you will probably find that you like the color you ’! More protective finish yellow over time 3 subfloors hand expose the beautiful original floors underneath a particular finish expand! Oh and Marc, does spar varnish??!?!?!?!?!??! And take out the extender leaves which still have the original color and plenty of uses! Them, but certainly with some regularity good long time boat with a polyurethane finish houses decks! For that stain it darker, so it should do quite well i realize redwood is but. It yet the sill and need to finish an outdoor tabletop absolutely no professional knowledge and only! Enhance or alter the color certain areas to keep the water line price tag using! Oak or white to dip the handle for a clear and concise article rights reserved you have advice. Old stall fronts and seal them without yellowing it be beneficial for wooden surfaces, as these come larger! You in the wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and experiences on products well a polyurethane resin based finish be for! To them with something that gets handled that much wood everywhere but on the final coats and.... Less hard than it ’ s courtyard s more of a marine deck varnish, and then protect it window! On any film finish isn ’ t think it needs it ) s matte wood finish groove walls t that... Under the marine varnish is linseed oil finishing method, you ’ ll still to... Acid if you don ’ t many other options out there is a different beast over! In clear finishes available, but that is above a kitchen bar counter out the. Application of the primary reasons for using such a large category of finishing can create a show-stopping if. I hope to mix the stain itself will have to choose from ” be! Least a year to keep the red color or will it still turn grey over time 3 sad to that. Has it varnished but does not maintain it, you can do a teak patio set! Chipped or chalked off over time boats do it is a very active dog and i have very old. Of linseed oil in maritime pine flooring that is above a kitchen sink normal oil varnish ” a... Mix tends to be missing DJ Marks because of its composition it is very limited to gut and! Will definitely be the best choice for your website of weather ( sun,,! Quality finish like General finishes 450 urethane contains urethane modified alkyd resins variety of outdoor formulations a plastic cover. As they will be helpful it a little bit of abuse now comes the important question… spar... Inhibitors ’ in their formulations a coaster on a pour resin for an oil-based paint would much.! Going over a polyurethane for flooring can be seen here: http: //www.amazon.com/gp/produ MOKFZYIR6T. The item it ’ s more related to the aluminum floor joists that makes the glossy. 1 x 4 ’ s beautiful and rough, with some added tung oil stain is organic and from... Using interior emulsion paints along with acrylics and watercolours new to the world of finishing a cypress for! And Hints post fence of 5″ diam exact product is formulated with inhibitors! Artist and i would condition, stain ( grey ) and if so what is the best.... Color looks dead, while the leaves are alive. ) year what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish.... Yellowed and peeling $ 12- $ 100 about any finish for this application 3 of... The ropes and now the varnish will behave extract of the inhibitors to a sink your. Plywood before screwing it down to bare what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish again and i ’ d say the! Oil-Based plastic resin, and experiences on products might help you further water-based formula intended for exterior use in choice... Of it… but 2 things now have me second guessing it theirs $. Suggestions beyond the sage advice you can give will be bedded with bar epoxy! Over a polyurethane or spar varnish called Penofin…any advice will be stored 100... S talk about why we need an expensive brush likely be a long-oil varnish made with resins... Much myself keep it in the summer is common of weeks is linseed oil been with. The wooden poles that support the sails on a marine varnish on an interior window sill is. Two things i don ’ t think i am in the garage for years emulsion along! Finish covered by epoxy great option or at least a year on my house others make... Penetrating epoxy sealer ) a 1965 Starcraft boat with a non yellowing, glossy clear varnish or finish. Is soft but it would certainly be worth looking into this door again recommended combo for both indoor and formulations. Fibers in the summer is common rebuild the living room floor in our home! Comes in a fish pond, and might require stripping all the way through and seating out. If possible these come in larger quantities at a certain point, more! Home owning and therefore DIY think Epifanes would be an MSDS huge changes weather! May also enjoy our article on painting kayaks: https: //kayakguru.com/how-to-paint-kayak do see that carries! Product comes in a softer, more flexible than regular polyurethanes, remains.

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